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Therapeutic Foot Reflexology

Reflexology Home Study Courses provide self-paced independent study of foot reflexology in the privacy and comfort of your home. More than 40 courses cover the breadth and depth of reflexology history, theory, and contemporary applications of evidence-based reflexology in individual and clinical settings.  
Purchase Paula Stone’s Therapeutic Reflexology textbook (click here) and select the course that meets your interest and needs. 

  • Lisa, a certified reflexologist, took home study courses for continuing education. “It was great to choose courses to help with specific clients. The reflex maps, illustrations, and techniques are very good. I learned many new techniques to use in my practice.  And, it was fun to learn while working at my own pace.”
  • John, a massage therapist, appreciated the in-depth description of of how to perform techniques and why. “In massage school we had a four-hour class in reflexology. My clients are requesting reflexology. The course on the Muscle System showed me how to refine my techniques to be more effective. Thank you for this master work on the subject.”
  • Adele, a hospital nurse, valued the clinical studies in the home study courses. “The respiratory course dovetailed with my work with respiratory patients in the hospital. These techniques work! Thank you for putting the therapeutic benefits back in reflexology.”
  • Sally, a grandmother, used the techniques in the Digestive System course to help with a newborn’s colic. “I was amazed at how fast the techniques soothed our newborn’s colic. We are all sleeping more peacefully. Thank you for sharing your insights and experiences.”

How to Select and Take a Home Study Course

(1) Order Therapeutic Reflexology (viritual tour available) at (click here).

(2) Look through Therapeutic Reflexology and choose your courses.

(3) Complete and submit the Order Form. Your courses will be sent to you (by mail or email).

(4)  Read the chapter. Complete and return the chapter quiz and course evaluation to The Stone Institute (TSI) via mail, email, or fax.  Certificates of completion are sent upon successful completion of the course.

How to Read the Course Code

TR = Therapeutic Reflexology

SC = Study Chapter.  (Study the chapter, then complete and return the chapter quiz and course evaluation.)

SCP = Study Chapter with Practical. (Study the chapter and perform the practical. Then, complete and return the chapter quiz and course evaluation.)

Numeral 1 to 26 = references the chapter in Paula Stone’s Therapeutic Reflexology textbook.

Earn Continuing Education (CEs)

The Stone Institute’s Reflexology Home Study Courses were created to provide continuing education for the healthcare professional.  The Stone Institute encourages those interested in professional training and credentialing in reflexology to enroll in an accredited school of reflexology offering a minimum of 300 hours of training. (Click here.)

MASSAGE THERAPISTS – These courses are under consideration for home study by NCBTMB.  Classroom courses earning NCBTMB CEs are available.  STATE OF MISSOURI – Home Study Courses follow all the rules and regulations for the State of Missouri’s continuing education requirements for Massage Therapy. A certificate of attendance is issued upon successful completion of the course.

REFLEXOLOGISTS – Selected courses earn ARCB CEs. All courses earn NTCB CEs.

NURSES, PHYSICAL THERAPISTS, OCCUPATIONAL THERAPISTS, OTHERS – Check with your licensing board to determine whether the course is acceptable to your board.

Order Form


TR-SC1 Introduction to Reflexology (Ch 1) (3 hrs) SC 29.00
TR-SC2 Theories of Reflexology (Ch 2) (3 hrs) SC 29.00
TR-SC3 Zone Therapy, Meridian Therapy, and Reflexology (Ch 3) (3 hrs) SC 29.00
TR-SC4 Forms of Reflexology (Ch 4) (3 hrs) SC 29.00
TR-SC5 Reflexology, Massage, and Allied Practices (Ch 5) (3 hrs) SC 29.00
TR-SC6 Wellness Models (Ch 6) (3 hrs) SC 29.00
TR-SC7 Session Fundamentals and Charting (Ch 7) (3 hrs) SC 29.00
TR-SCP7 Session Fundamentals and Charting with Practical (Ch 6) (3 hrs) SCP 59.00
TR-SC8 Reflexology Practice and Business (Ch 8) (3 hrs) SC 29.00
TR-SC9 Self-Care for Reflexologists (Ch 9) (3 hrs) SC 29.00
TR-SC10 Orientation to the Body (Ch 10) (3 hrs) SC 29.00
TR-SC11 Anatomy and Physiology of the Foot and Leg (Ch 11) (3 hrs) SC 29.00
TR-SC12 Guidelines and Stabilization (Ch 12) (3 hrs) SC 29.00
TR-SCP12 Guidelines and Stabilization with Practical (Ch 12) (6 hrs) SCP 59.00
TR-SC13 Touch, Thumb, and Finger Techniques (Ch 13) (3 hrs) SC 29.00
TR-SCP13 Touch, Thumb, and Finger Techniques with Practical (Ch 13) (6 hrs) SCP 59.00
TR-SC14 The Body (Ch 14) (4 hrs) SC 39.00
TR-SCP14 The Body with Practical (Ch 14) (8 hrs) SCP 79.00
TR-SC15 Integumentary System (Ch 15) (3 hrs) SC 29.00
TR-SC16 Skeletal System (Ch 16) (4 hrs) SC 39.00
TR-SCP16 Skeletal System with Practical (Ch 16) (12 hrs) SCP 119.00
TR-SC17 Muscular System (Ch 17) (4 hrs) SC 39.00
TR-SCP17 Muscular System with Practical (Ch 17) (12 hrs) SCP 119.00
TR-SC18 Nervous System (Ch 18) (6 hrs) SC 59.00
TR-SCP18 Nervous System with Practical (Ch 18) (20 hrs) SCP 199.00
TR-SC19 Cardiovascular System (Ch 19) (4 hrs) SC 39.00
TR-SCP19 Cardiovascular System with Practical (Ch 19) (12 hrs) SCP 119.00
TR-SC20 Sensory System (Ch 20) (4 hrs) SC 39.00
TR-SCP20 Sensory System with Practical (Ch 20) (12 hrs) SCP 119.00
TR-SC21 Respiratory System (Ch 21) (4 hrs) SC 39.00
TR-SCP21 Respiratory System with Practical (Ch 21) (8 hrs) SPC 79.00
TR-SC22 Endocrine System (Ch 22) (6 hrs) SC 59.00
TR-SCP22 Endocrine System with Practical (Ch 22) (8 hrs) SCP 79.00
TR-SC23 Lymphatic System and Immunity (Ch 23) (3 hrs) SC 29.00
TR-SCP23 Lymphatic System and Immunity with Practical (Ch 23) (6 hrs) SCP 59.00
TR-SC24 Digestive System (Ch 24) (6 hrs) SC 59.00
TR-SCP24 Digestive System with Practical (Ch 24) (12 hrs) SCP 119.00
TR-SC25 Urinary System (Ch 25) (3 hrs) SC 29.00
TR-SCP25 Urinary System (Ch 25) with Practical (6 hrs) SCP 59.00
TR-SC26 Reproductive System (Ch 26) (3 hrs) SC 29.00
TR-SCP26 Reproductive System (Ch 26) with Practical (6 hrs) SCP 59.00
TR-ORPK1 “Overview of Reflexology” contains 5 courses: Introduction to Reflexology (Ch. 1), Theories of Reflexology (Ch. 2), Zone Therapy, Meridian Therapy, and Reflexology (Ch. 3), Forms of Reflexology (Ch. 4), Reflexology, Massage, and Allied Practices (Ch. 5) = 15 hrs.
Regular $145. Now $130. Save $15
TR-RP-PK2 “The Reflexology Practice” contains 4 courses: Wellness Models (Ch. 6), Session Fundamentals and Charting (Ch. 7), Reflexology Practice and Business (Ch. 8), and Self-Care for Reflexologists (Ch. 9) = 12 hrs.
Regular: $116. Now $105. Save $10

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