Therapeutic Reflexology Helps 94 Year Old Sleep Better

Therapeutic reflexology helped a 94 year old woman reduce pain; enjoy deep, restful sleep; and renew zest for living. Only two years prior, Mrs. Stoker suffered a long bout of shingles. She lost 20 pounds and became frail and debilitated. Sleep was poor, interrupted by aches and pains. Health declined. Interest in life dulled. The […]

Reflexology Helps Relieve Sinus Congestion

Allergy season is back! Reflexology helps relieve sinus congestion. Here’s how . . . . Case Study: Reflexology Decongests Blocked Sinuses A young woman’s sinuses were blocked. Pain radiated across her forehead. A foot reflexology session emphasized all ten toes – from deep in the webbing to the tips. The method is simple: pretend the […]

A Friend Remembered, Our “Special K”

A friend passed away recently. I celebrate his life. John’s presence remains in memory, in dreams, and in visions of life beyond this earth. Life is a journey we undertake. The journey leads over mountains and through deep valleys. It is the journey that polishes and refines who we are, who we become. Some travelers […]

Air Force Vet Learns to Relax via Professional Reflexology

We know how to work, often at high levels of focus and concentration. But, who teaches us to relax? to reduce stress? True relaxation restores energies lost during intense work. We can learn to relax, as the case study of the retired airman illustrates. The choice is ours. A retired Air Force veteran came for […]

Reflexology Myth 1: Real Reflexology Hurts

Must “real” reflexology hurt to be effective? Is bruising normal? No. Communication between client and reflexologist is key to a pleasant and effective session. Read more to dispel this myth and learn from two examples. The “No pain, no gain” approach was once common in the U.S. Today’s professional reflexologist knows how to modulate pressure […]

Life is a Sacred Gift

“Life is a sacred gift. This is not a time to be lazy. Make the most of each and every life experience to unfold into a more self-aware Soul. Ultimately, our actions — when energized by love — transform our lives.” “Natural healing methods open the door to true healing. Our actions take us from […]

Reduce Stress of Life’s Storms

Life is change, and change is stressful. There is no getting around it. You – and I – have the power to change to make life easier, less stressful. To improve our skills to reduce stress and “ride the waves.” For yourself. For those around you. How? We gain inner strength and resilience as our […]


Reflexology Reduces Anxiety, Stress, PTSD

Reflexology reduces feelings of anxiety and stress associated with PTSD or PTSS. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). This experience stems from any types of experiences. This includes abuse, dislocation, survivors, military and first responders, and more. Professional reflexologists have successfully reduced the symptoms associated with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Others, including nurses, massage therapists, family, […]

Happy St Patrick’s Day – and a Spiritual Message

St Patrick’s Day is light-hearted and fun. Images of good luck shamrocks, leprechauns,  and green come to mind. How to seize the day to gently delve deeper into life and one’s mission in life? To make every day a day of meaning and memory? Contemplation seeds are an easy way to go deeper. These reminded […]