TR-RPP-PK6: Reflexology in Practice: Systems of Maintenance with Practical (44 CEs)


TR-SCP19: Cardiovascular System with Practical (12 CEs)

TR-SCP21: Respiratory System with Practical (8 CEs)

TR-SCP23: Lymphatic System and Immunity with Practical (6 CEs)

TR-SCP24: Digestive System with Practical (12 CEs)

TR-SCP25: Urinary System with Practical (6 CEs)

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Successful completion of this course earns 44 CEs (continuing education contact hours). The following items are required to obtain the contact hours associated with this course: (1) completed Home Study Course (this page), (2) Course Evaluation, and (3) a 70% passing score. While there is no specific deadline for submission, TSI recommends submitting the items within TWO (2) years from the date of purchase.


To complete this Home Study Course, you must:

  1. Purchase a copy of the book: Therapeutic Reflexology: A Step-by-Step Guide to Professional Competence
  2. Read the Chapter Highlights, Learning Objectives, and Key Terms.
  3. Read the Full Chapter.
  4. Read the Summary and verify that you understand the information presented.
  5. Complete all quizzes in “How Much Did You Learn?
  6. Complete the course evaluation form. Include the number of hours required to complete the course. Sign to authenticate your work. (A copy of the form can be found here.)
  7. Mail, email, or fax the “How Much Did You Learn?and course evaluation form. Both are required for successful completion of the course.

Course Details

“Reflexology in Practice: Systems of Maintenance” (with practicals) surveys anatomy & physiology, location of reflexes, techniques and protocols in 5 courses:

  • TR-SCP19: Cardiovascular System (Ch. 19)
  • TR-SCP21: Respiratory System (Ch. 21)
  • TR-SCP23: Lymphatic System (Ch. 23)
  • TR-SCP24: Digestive System (Ch. 24)
  • TR-SCP25: Urinary System (Ch. 25)


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